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Colorful Bubble Teas


Fresh. Flavorful. Fabulous.

Mo Tea is the place where you can refresh your senses and sweeten your day. Get your daily fix of happiness with our delicious teas, coffees, and desserts. Try it yourself—stop by or order online for delivery or pick up


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Black Bubble Tea


Refresh Your Tastebuds

Welcome to Long Island's happiest Boba Tea & Dessert Shop. I believe in boosting happiness through offering an assortment of options so YOU can be the creator of your happiness. I started my business in 2023 with one goal in mind: providing tasty drinks and desserts in a trendy atmosphere. We believe that fresh, versatile, high quality ingredients should be accessible to everyone. Get ready sip and eat happiness as combinations are endless!


Choose Your Perfect Combo

Boba Tea Selection

Classic Fruit Teas

I pride myself in brewing the perfect teas as the base to create your sealed satisfying sips. Add in any combination of toppings as you are the creator of your happiness. Whether you need a vitamin C recharge or some superfood support, our teas are made to order and are a natural way to revitalize your day.

Black Tapioca Balls

Classic Milk Teas 

My classic milk tea is a rich and delicious brew of Blue Mountain coffee. Aromatic and sure to bring a smile to your face, this bubble tea is sure to make you feel happiness in each sip. For those who prefer a dairy free option, I also offer a variety of milk alternatives. Try Mo's classic milk teas today and experience the comforting flavor it brings.

Bubble Waffle with Strawberries

Dessert Waffles 

Coming in regular or bubbleour fluffy waffles are the perfect dessert. Happiness on a fork is the best way to describe your chosen dessert combination. Bite into happiness drizzled in rich chocolate or sweetened with brown sugar and bananas! 

Image by Leone Venter


Stop by to enjoy an inviting atmosphere, and chill music, a change to your average work space. Use the photo wall with neon signage for the opps & tag us on your fave socials! 

Black Bubble Tea


Come On In!

Monday - Friday

10:30am - 9:00pm

Saturday and Sunday

10:30am - 10:00pm


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